Tips for gaining confidence in front of the camera

Tips for gaining confidence in front of the camera

Photo by Edu Carvalho


Set up your phone or camera, press record and just….start…speaking. About anything at all. Talk about your dog, your day or your passion. Speak confidently and clearly.

Do this alone, no matter how well-meaning our friends and family can be, their helpful hints can end up completely confusing you, leaving you focused on minor flaws.

Don’t like your clip? Delete and start again. That’s the beauty of digital.

Keep doing this until you’re able to confidently stand/sit in front of the camera for at least 1min.


Firstly pick a theme. Take a tour through instagram or have a look at the comments section of your previous social media post – your next content might just be waiting there for you.

What does your target audience want to know?

Check out your competition – what are they speaking about. Please don’t copy their content, but have a read through the responses and see if you can create a more crafted video tailored to what your audience wants to know.

Still no idea? There is an awesome site called, where you can put in any word and it generates topics around it!

Below you will see the amazing amount of topics that came up when I entered the work “jewellery”!! From can jewellery be cremated, to why does jewellery turn my skin green – there are hundreds and hundreds of topics to choose from.

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