Real Estate Videos: They won’t bite!

Real Estate Videos: They won’t bite!


What is it about real estate videos that Real Estate Agents are afraid of?

Granted, in the beginning, the majority of videos were sorely missing a tripod and any sense of non-grating music.

Now…there is no excuse.

Tripod for steady shot?….check

Music that doesn’t make your ears bleed?…..check

Emotive vision for the essential buyer hook?….check

Descriptive script to enhance the buyers curiosity in the property?….check

Ready supply of professional real estate video production companies to choose from?…check


Property videos, a lot like House Staging, are seen as non-essential in the current marketing strategies of most Queensland Real Estate Agents.

Honestly Agents, you are not doing yourself any favours.  70% of our property video enquiries are from vendors.  That’s right, vendors!


Not long ago professional photos were seen as an extravagant expense only to be spent on luxury properties.  Now, (apart from a quick snap uploaded on twitter as you leave the property), you wouldn’t even dare listing any property without professional photos.


Professional photos work, without argument.


Note how, I wrote “professional”?


You wouldn’t trust your neighbour to be your dentist just because he has floss, so why would you trust an amateur with photographing your latest listing?  Composition and lighting are skills crafted over years, they are not skills picked up overnight by anyone who can afford the latest camera.


Maybe you’re an Agent who still has no idea about video marketing and how to use it effectively.


Not a problem, give us a call and we’ll answer any question, or google “why use real estate videos” for an endless supply of results.


Secondly, you could be an Agent who’s not comfortable in front of the camera.


Also not a problem, either shoot an introduction and closer and be the voiceover for the rest or use a professional voiceover for the entire video until you feel more comfortable.  We pride ourselves on making all our clients relaxed and have fun with their shoots, so hopefully you won’t even notice the camera.


Effectively, Agents have no more excuses for side-stepping video marketing- buyers love it, vendors want it, Google laps it up though YouTube and property portals now support it.  Go on, live dangerously and cross over to the dark side of property marketing, you know you want to!

For more information regarding Video Marketing check out our website, email or call 0419 992 873.


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