Package 3

Package 3: $1350

Up to 4mins of video content produced each month


  • editing

    Up to 4 minutes of video content edited

  • music

    Royalty free

  • Simple Graphics

    Lower Thirds, Company logo branding

  • edit revision

    1 x edit revision per video

What Videos Could You Make with 4mins Duration?

  • Multiple Durations

    The possibilities are endless - multiple short, sharp videos or 1 longer duration video

  • Introduce Your Team

    Your business thrives on the work of your team - so take the time to highlight their personalities and company culture

  • Product Videos

    People are more likely to buy a product after watching a video

  • How-To Videos

    Educational videos can generate a lot of value for your brand

  • Before & After Videos

    Viewers love transformation videos - whether it's of your office, your website re-design, re-branding - the options are endless

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